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SO, intro post...kinda.heh.

im a yunholic, i love TVXQ, love korean music, love malay rock music especially those from 80's cos i grew up listening to it. i love to karaoke, but only those rock songs cos i dont have a girly voice..*sobs*. Anyway, i love reading mangas especially the yaoi ones, love watching anime, LOVE jdramas, love eating nuts and chocolate, love tea, love baking cakes and muffins. Love old p ramlee movies and love watching cooking shows. Last but not least, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE JUNG YUNHO! He's my ideal guy...le sigh..

So anyway, those who happen to drop by this LJ, IF you add me, do drop a note eh? I think it'll be nice if you introduce yourself and we get to know each other. I feel its kinda weird that people just randomly add others without even sending a message..Dont you think so?
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1st prints from Diana mini. YAY

Erm. so i havent updated my LJ for so LOOONGGG. Why does my post gets posted to the community earlier on?? Like WTF??? Wait. Ohhhh....must remind self not to press that to community button thingy anymore as it will automatically ask me to choose which community to post to. Urgh.

Oh wooooot~~ yeah so i finally had the prints done for my diana mini and was a bit disappointed that i only got 10 shots. When i checked the negatives, there were 5 or so which the print lab didnt print. And the some prints had those black column on the left or right side because why? I didnt tell mum to inform the print lab to print these in square frames and to centralise it. Tsk. I guess the guy was also scratching his head on how to cut it since some had multiple exposures and were longer than the normal.

Anyway, the shots turned out great. Like i mentioned, there were A LOT of double exposures, maybe multiple exposures because i might have forgotten to wind the film after each take. HAHA! And most of the pictures were dark. I should really take note of Gali's advise to set it to B setting when using the ISO 400 film and when shooting indoors.

Im excited to get the next roll of film and start fiddling with my toycam again. Looking back at the pictures (which were from 3 years ago actually) is really,really fun. Makes you wonder what the hell were you doing at that time.

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Jealousy rears its fugly head

Yes i do get jealous sometimes. Its annoying because i tell myself its ok n that my time will come,one day hopefully. But turning 26 just 2 weeks back make me feel anxious.

I get these longing feeling of wanting a kid of my own. Yeah! Unbelievable right??!! I myself cant believe it. Its just the thought of going home n seeing ur kid who's waiting fr u, someone u can shower ur love to, someone who u can cuddle n teach things. A being that you can nurture n raise. Ahhh man...i tink its the motherly instinct coming out.

But seriously, i want to have a sense of belonging,my own family. Unfortunately a husband is not in the equation. I thought of it but its just a passing thought. I see dads who carry their kids and i go awwww but thats it. Isit because the men in our family are useless? Yes, thats one of the contributing factor.

I need a man who can lead. Someone who i can trust n depend on. Not a person who I have to tell what to do or ask when he's gona give the monthly household expenses. Thats just tiring.

Anyway back to babies, even though im not that great with kids unlike the maknae, i'd love to have a kid soon. I babysit my nephew n i cant help but miss him more when he goes home. Is this feeling just a phase? Sigh. But i know i have to find a partner soon. Im already 26 n even though ppl keep saying i look 18, my internal clock is ticking.

But what if a adopt a kid? Thing is my savings are like wavering n i always work late. How do i take care of a kid when i cant manage myself? Urghhhh...what a dilemma.
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that's it im moving.....

i'll only check my friends page for some of my fave fic author's updates, and for viewfinder and kuroshitsuji fanfics. No more going to the community to browse through stuff which will only aggravate me.

bye bye can find me at tumblr if you want.

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to all those people who have listened to HoMin's athena ost, did you also drool and spazz and flail like a dying fish like me???

i am absolutely overjoyed, elated and high  on them. HIGH!!!!!!

i soo cant wait for their comeback ok!!!

so yeah, this is all (since im still bz at work, with work, SHOULD be working right now). Sorry got no time to put in smexy HoMin pix here...
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what the heyyyyyy....

just now i tried posting the 'if you get a 10,000' thingy but my answer didnt come out? so i deleted the what the hell lah.....

anyway, i NEEEDDDDD yunjae angst fic. Really craving for it. I want those fics where Jae is the bad guy. seriously im kinda sick of the ones where jae is weak whether mentally or physically, and yunho is the bad/asshole/ sadistic/ jerk. i wanna read a fic where jae hurts yunho so bad, and nooo me dont want them jaeho fics.

ahhh...i think i'll search at winglin then.....
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i think its time to reorganise

yeah i think its time to make a fic list...even though im not an active writer who posts in detox or other communities, i love to read back what i wrote so yeah, its for my own self glorifying thingy get the drift..its kinda messy here..
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what a bummer!

i was just told that because of a new confidential project proposal due end of this month, my xmas break will be cut short, meaning i will not have the 24th -27th long break.....not that i celebrate xmas but these past few weeks have been fucking tiring. i need to catch up on sleep okay.

i had made plans to wake up late, watch tv whole day and just pig out for those full 4 days at home. somehow i knew it was too good to be true.

*skulks off to dark corner to sulk*
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Hattan- Mumburu Rindu

I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!! but i hate his pants...LOL

Memburu Rindu
Artist: Hattan
Kemanakah hatimu kala aku
Menanti kata cinta
Mengalir air mata
Kala sepi tiba

Terasakan langkahmu makin laju
Melangkah batas rindu
Dan aku pun memburu
Mentari yang jauh

Berikanlah masa untukku
Mendendangkan kasih dalam syahdu
Tidak terhenti pilu di dadaku
Terlepas bayangmu

Kugenggam angin semalam
Kusimpan jadi nyanyian
Kupeluk bayang hitamku
Menjadi kamus mimpiku